Mischa Barton snapped in Louis Vuitton shorts

‘Eww’ was my first thought when I saw these shorts.

The Louis Vuitton monogram denim bag collection was definitely not one of my favourites and probably wasn’t too popular outside of Asia, but now there is a clothing range? What is that about?

After seeing these shorts, give me the Louis Vuitton monogram denim Mini pleaty bag any day.

Would you wear the shorts?

P.S. It seems the Gucci Indy bag is still Mischa’s bag of the moment.


  • style.princess says:

    well i dunno if id wear those shorts but they do look pretty hot on Mischa… but then again, what doesn’t!

  • Mrs Fashion says:

    Actually I do quite like them – in a very trashy way (lots of gold, natch). They’d look fab on J-Lo circa 2002 wouldn’t they?!
    Mrs F x

  • moneymiss says:

    i like them! They’re cute

  • Helen says:

    Thanks for your thoughts girls… I’m just not sure I like the million tones of denim! It’s a bit much and no one else but a skinny starlet/model could pull it off.

  • Sophia says:

    those just clash with her top. but with a plain white tee, it should work.
    i think she was wearing the same shorts the other day when out shopping with nicole richie. she went for a much simpler top and they turned out all right!

  • Rania says:

    Love the Shorts! Hate the Red Lipstick

  • gangstahunni says:

    totally agree with rania wuv tha shortz hate tha red lipstick.(eeewww)

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