Kate Moss for Topshop: as seen on Nicole, Cameron and Selma

The list of celebrities that are wearing Kate Moss for Topshop dresses keep growing.

First Selma Blair was snapped wearing the white cotton off-the-shoulder dress a month or so ago, then at the Shrek 3 photocall in Spain, Cameron Diaz wore the black halter mini dress – showing off her fabulous legs yet again. Then finally Nicole Richie was photographed wearing the floral print silk dress over the weekend (amid pregnancy rumours).

Who do you think wore Kate Moss for Topshop best?

P.S. You can pick up Nicole Richie’s Kate Moss for Topshop dress on ebay in a UK size 8, you can’t buy it in a size 8 on the Topshop site anymore.


  • The Stiletto Effect says:

    I prefer Nicole Ritchie 🙂 she looks very cute with that dress!

  • Tary says:

    Nicole & Selma. They look good in the topshop outfits. Diaz, although she has a great figure, just looks a little too bulky for the black mini slip that look so good on Moss (whom I think has a slightly smaller frame than Diaz)

  • Stacy says:

    Nicole’s dress is the prettiest, but I soooo don’t like her. I don’t think Selma’s dress suits her at all.

  • Kate says:

    I actually didn’t realise until now that Cam’s dress was the Kate Moss one. It looks HOT on her. Though Cam has a dream figure and looks amazing in anything.

  • Entity Modeling Agency says:


  • skinnybitch says:

    nic looks sexy in it. that dress makes cam look bulky!!

  • Entity Modeling Agency says:


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