Josh Goot for Target Australia on sale in 5 days!

You gotta love that Australian Target’s Designers for Target initiative is based on US Target’s Go International initiative to bring international designers to our shores. But Stella McCartney for Australian Target aside, Australian fashionistas are eagerly crossing off the dates in their calendars until Tuesday 19 June 2007. Why? Because in just 5 days, the Josh Goot for Target Australia will be hitting stores.

Included in the collection is his renowned jersey pieces in bright blue, green, silver, greys and blacks – a perfect base outfit to dress up or down for work and play.

Our prediction for the hot must buy item? The Stella for Target Australia trench flew out the doors, so it’s a safe bet to say that the Josh Goot metallic silver trench (pictured below) should be the most popular, followed closely by the racer back jersey dresses.

See below the fold for more pictures.

Don’t forget – June 19, Josh Goot for Australian Target will hit Target stores! It won’t be as busy as Stella McCartney for Target Australia, but it won’t hurt to get there on day one of launch.

Visit for your closest Target store and opening hours.

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  • Kate says:

    I’m planning a late start to work that day. I have my eyes on the silver trench (I wear my Zimmermann one way too much and need another) and the silver racerback dress. I just hope I can pull off that silver dress! The contrast tie waist dress is hot as well. I also like the foiled black leggings. I refuse to wear footless tights, but these are basically pants!

  • Stacy says:

    I love the idea of jersey basics. I wish I lived in Australia!

  • Kate says:

    I was a bit disappointed with the Josh Goot stuff. Everything was too long! I am 5’10” and I am complaining that it was too long, so I can only imagine how those 5’6″ would have fared. The models in the promo pictures must have been TALL.

    I did buy the stunning silver trench and the black hooded jacket. The singlets were nice, but $60 was too much. The basic black skirt was ok too. The dresses looked bad on me and I am a size 10-12. I desperately wanted that silver trench, but it was just no good on me. It was too scooped for my small boobs. The leggings were also too long. The waist of the contrast tie dress seemed to sit too low.

    FYI the sizes are fairly big, with the S = 10-12 and M=14 or so. The sizes range from XS-L.

    Overall, disappointed. The dresses will really only suit people with a totally kickin bod. The trench would have been really nice in the black too. Though I did still walk out having spent $260 on two items.

    Even worse – I went to Broadway (Sydney). Turns out Broadway was designated as the “media” store. Argh! I was “starting work late” today and people kept filming me and taking my photos. It was awful! Especially when I ran out to grab the silver trench in a smaller size while wearing the large one. God I hope my boss doesn’t see me on the news!

  • Helen says:

    You poor thing Kate! What is Target thinking with large sizes, the whole Designers for Target initative is suppose to be bringing fashionistas to the chain store, but if nothing fits then what is the point?

    I was planning on going in my lunch hour, but with the weather looking so bad I don’t really want to leave the office!

    At least you picked up a few pieces though!

  • Kate says:


    I am sure they will have a fair bit of stock for the next week or so. They are lovely basics, but I have a lot of basics. The merino jersey fabrics are lovely though.

    It is probably a good thing that the dresses looked no good as there were two I had wanted to buy before I went into the store and I already spent about $700 on clothes this week alone – damn all these end of season designer sales!

  • Ilya says:

    Im with Kate! I love the dresses but its really really long for me, how dissapointing.. However, i just bought myself the silver singlet which was stunning!

  • Helen says:

    Pictures of the launch are on Getty images at the moment, are you there Kate? 😉

  • Kate says:

    Haha oh dear. Sure am…

    I’m the one in the cream printed skirt, in the middle, concealed by the girl in jeans+black top. Thank god that is the worst they got.

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