Inspired by? Black croc hobo

We’re testing your designer bag knowledge at

Can you tell me what designer bag inspired this black crocodile embossed hobo bag? The real one retails at over $1,000, but this one (pictured above) is just $39.50 at

1. What is the (real) bag and it’s designers’ name?

2. For extra points, can you tell me what are the differences?


  • Bianca says:

    It’s a Jimmy Choo bag!

  • Cris says:

    sienna miller

  • Gigi says:

    1. Jimmy Choo’s Ramona
    2. Oh, I don’t know…the strip-leather enclosure is a bit narrower than the original, and the leather panel under the snap-metal thing’s a bit smaller as well. Although, the differences are so minute that it’s scary…

  • kate says:

    They have a copy of the Bay bag!

    My friend bought the (real) Chloe Bay bag in tan, while I bought the Chloe Edith in Tan. I have coveted her Bay bag ever since. I just wish the copies were LEATHER! I would buy one in cream if they were.

  • Helen says:

    Hi Kate,

    Don’t buy a fake! I have a Edith and whiskey/dark brown and the Chloe quilted bay in dark brown/burgundy (like Mischa’s). The Bay is just too big for me and then it gets too heavy because I have too much stuff in it… Plus it’s a little shiny urgh.

    I’ve reverted back to my Edith now. Am kind of wishing I didn’t buy it!

  • kate says:


    My friend complains her Bay is too heave as she loads it up with stuff as well.

    On the topic of fakes though – we cannot all afford to buy real versions of all the bags we want. I’m not going to buy a bag because a celebrity is wearing it or because it is a certain label, I buy it because I love the style. This is the case with the Bay bag. So if a good quality knock off (in leather) were to come along, I would buy it. I think the asking prices for designer handbags is a little ridiculous, especially when some of the fakes are just as good in quality as the real deal.

  • Helen says:

    I’m tempted to sell my Bay, I’m a little over it as a bag. I knew I shouldn’t have bought it on a whim. I’ve had a bad run of bags lately – I’ve gotten over my last two (the Bay and the Jimmy Choo I blogged about a month or so ago) too quickly which is never a good thing.

    If it was a good quality fake I’d be tempted to have a second look, but I’d be mortified if anyone discovered it wasn’t real.

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