I Spy: Christina Aguilera and a small pink Alexander McQueen Novak bag

How utterly adorable is Christina Aguilera’s small Alexander McQueen Novak bag – it’s pink and sparkly, seemingly studded with diamantes.

It measures only 11″x 9″x 3″ – which is actually small compared to some of the large designer bags available on the market today (the large Balenciaga, the YSL Muse and Downtown, the Chanel Coco Cabas, etc).

The Novak bag was named after Kim Novak (actress best know for her role in Vertigo), and its main feature is a skeleton-like detail on the outside, seemingly holding the bag together. The turn clasp reminds me of the YSL Muse turn clasp which is a little bit distracting, but overall the bag is not quite my piece of cake – though the leather Novak is much better than the crocheted Novak bag.

What do you think of Christina’s bag? Would you buy the small for £468.09, or £621.28 for the regular sized one?

P.S. How gorgeous are her patent beige leather Christian Louboutin platform peep-toes? The wash of her jeans look like SIWY’s, but I could be wrong.

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