Gucci by Gucci, the fragrance

It’s hard to believe that since Frida Gianini joined Gucci in 2004 there has not been a new fragrance release. But all that is about to change with Gianini launching Gucci by Gucci.

The fragrance is suppose to represent more than an 85-year tradition of craftsmanship and luxury, acting as the template for a signature fragrance for the accomplished and modern woman.

Gucci by Gucci is due to hit stores in late October/early November, and is reportedly a rich, soulful chypre scent charmed by exotic notes and warm florals. The bottle has a classic 70s wooden look about it, with Raquel Zimmermann carrying and oversized version in the advertising campaign – looking a little disinterested too.

I wonder how Gucci by Gucci compares to fragrances launched in Tom Ford’s time at Gucci – Envy and Rush did such big things in the fragrance world I their time.


  • aiDoll says:

    i wonder how it smells 0.0 and that bottle looks so beautiful.. i wish we could get those big display bottles, then we’d never run out of perfume. well, probably. XD if this is as it says a representation of Gucci’s 85 years, it should be some potent smelling concoction, no? =) i can’t wait!

    ps: i found your blog link on your comment at =) hope you don’t mind me stalking the blog! XD

    cheers, have a great week!


  • aiDoll says:

    wow, they’re quick! 0.0

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