Eva Green, Dior by John Calliano face and muse

Dior Beaute announced today that Eva Green is their new face, with the 007 actress also John Galliano’s newest muse. “I hope you fall under the same spell I did,” Galliano purred at the launch of the fragrance and campaign.

He’s hoping we fall in love with Eva because she will be the face of Dior’s new fragrance, Midnight Poison. The advertising campaign see’s her swinging in on a rope in the television commercial.

Eva now joins the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone, Gemma Ward and Devon Aoki as current and past beauty faces of the French fashion and beauty house. Though she will be competing again American Socialite, Tinsley Mortimer for the limelight in the US. Tinsley was announced as Dior’s muse and beauty ambassador in the US.

“Ms. Mortimer has long been a supporter of the brand,” Dior Beauty stated. “Her unique combination of style, visibility and nonstop energy will help round out Dior Beauty’s roster of bold-face names.”

[Image via EvaGreenWeb.com]


  • Vie says:

    she looks really hot. I cant wait to see the ad =)

  • Chen says:

    Definitely one of the hottest people I’ve seen, classic old school powerful deviant-style not this terrible blonde-everything’s-short look.

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