Eau de Jimmy Choo to debut in 2009

The queue for first time fashion company’s trying their hands at fragrances has a new name at the top of the list. Jimmy Choo announced last week they had signed a 10 year licensing agreement with Selective Beauty SAS.

“Jimmy Choo is a brand which is raising the spirits and capturing the hearts of women all over the world,” said Tamara Mellon, founder and president of Jimmy Choo, in a statement. “This exciting new partnership will not only give us the ability to meet the demand for a fragrance, but also achieve my original vision for Jimmy Choo to be one of the most treasured luxury brands.”

The first Jimmy Choo fragrance is set to be released in the northern Spring 2009. Selective Beauty also look after the beauty side of Agent Provocateur and Johan Galliano (who’s fragrance is due in stores next year).

[Via The Daily]

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