Designer to watch: Yeojin Bae

Winner of the 2007 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Designer Award, Yeojin Bae is an Australian designer who just launched her debut collection in May 2006, but is finding her collections going from strength to strength.

She migrated from Seoul to Australia over 25 years ago, and after graduating from the Whitehouse Institute of Design at just 17, she has a resume many designers would be envious of. After interning with Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui and Robert Danes, Yeojin came back to Australia to work at Marcs, Charlie Brown and worked at women’s wear designer of Saba.

In the short time the limelight has been on her, Yeojin’s designs are known for they’re filmy cuts and pretty dresses that are cinched at the waist, buttoned down, and that frill and frothed at the sleeve. She’s a designer who designers beautiful things she would like to wear, and we’ve found we would like to wear them too! I love these dresses and top pictured above). What’s not to love? The cut, the shape and last of the all the pattern is so precise and flattering.

L-R: Yeojin Bae Vintage Bow Marianne, black and sage, $589; Yeojin Bae Vintage Bow Katie Top $349.

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