Can you design a rocking fast food uniform?

Like Project Runway had it’s designers design postal uniforms in season two, McDonald’s Australia is running a competition open to McDonald employees and design school student.

They’re looking for an up-to-date unisex staff shirt design for their crew 65,000+ in Australia and New Zealand to reflect the “spirit of McDonald’s and our re-imaged restaurants”.

The overall winner will receive $10,000 and potentially see their uniform in restaurants around Australia, two runners up will win a cash prize of $5,000 and $2,000. Entries close on 30 June 2007 with designs to be judged by Peter Morrissey, Carla Zampatti and Christine Farah.

For details about the design competition, read the entry details on this PDF available on the McDonald’s website.

Do you work at McDonald? What would you like to wear to work?

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  • Vie says:

    That’s cool. I must say I don’t like the current uniform they have (at least the one in my country. I wonder if every country has different kind of uniform though?), anyways, hopefully there’s something good out of this! 😀

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