Bottega Veneta’s Fall 07 ads shot at Doris Duke’s farm

You’re probably wondering, who is Doris Duke, and what does it matter that Bottega Veneta shot their Fall 2007 advertising campaign on her farm? Well it doesn’t really matter, but FYI Doris Duke was an American heiress and philanthropist. She wasn’t a Paris Hilton type heiress mind you, after all Doris was born in 1912 and died in 1993. Some time before Paris’ notorious video release on to the internet.

Anyway, I digress. The Bottega Veneta advertising campign was shot by Annie Leibovitz as the Italian fashion company take a hot and steamy approach for Fall 2007.

“Annie’s pictures are always strong and unexpected because she draws her ideas from who and what she is photographing,” said creative director Tomas Maier. “There’s an emotional intelligence in her work, an openness to the individual, that makes her impossible to categorize, and for that reason, she’s exactly right for Bottega Veneta.”

The ads feature models Anja Rubik, Inguna Butane, Kim Noorda and Noah Mills in the pretty but moody scene that you could just image Doris Duke fitting in…