A Louis Vuitton trunk gets restored before your eyes

While surfing YouTube the other day, I came across this clip of a Louis Vuitton trunk getting hand restored. Louis Vuitton trunks are amazing works of art with many marked with tales to tell about their travels with the rich and famous.

Watch how cracks, tears, gouges, dust and grime gets removed so that the trunks shine like (almost) new again. Jesse, the man in this clip, uses no paints or varnish either, his work is just meticulous.

Now if only I had a piece of Louis Vuitton luggage… What do you think of the clip?


  • Jen says:

    Omigod i thought it was a coffin for a minute from the image on the clip haha
    It is amazing to see how much work and detail has to go into restoring these things including art.

  • Vuitton Don says:

    I would agree the trunks are FAB! I have had them for years and cannot wait to hand them down for generations to come. Vuitton Forever!

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