Would you get a nightingale poo facial?

Yup, you read right. I don’t know what’s in the water at Hari’s salon in London, but according to UK Marie Claire, the salon want to clients to try their new facial. The active ingredient in the Nightingale poo facial is guanine, which reportedly been used for thousands of years in Japan to help remove make-up and moisturise the skin.

Proof, if it were needed, that this certainly isn’t one of those beauty treatments you can try yourself at home, Hari’s purifies all the ingredients for the face mask – which also includes green tea shea butter, yuzu gold leaf soap, camellia oil and adzuki beans – under UV light before allowing it anywhere near anyone’s skin.

‘I love discovering new treatments from around the world and being able to offer things to our clients at Hari’s that they can’t get elsewhere,’ owner Hari said. ‘I also think it fascinating that every culture has these amazing beauty rituals that carry this sense of history into modern beauty today. And when I heard about Nightingale droppings, I knew we just had to try them in the salon – so we have created a Nightingale Japanese facial that transports you into a different world as well as achieving stunning results.’

Apparently the salon has been inundated with bookings, even though the Nightingale Facial at Hari’s costs £135 and lasts for 90 minutes.