Tom Ford gives Stella McCartney unwanted beauty advice

Designers giving other designers beauty advice? Well that’s just what Tom Ford did, apparently he once gave Stella McCartney beauty advice which the British designer wasn’t quite open to.

“Tom Ford once told me that I should highlight my hair and do my eyebrows, and got all camp on me and I told him to go away,” Stella saaid. “I’m just not that kind of woman. I’ve nothing against that kind of woman, it’s just not a priority and I don’t have the time.”

Well she is a mother and has a business to run – a business that apparently is under orders by the Gucci Group to start making a decent profit.

Tom Ford is one tailored and well presented man, but I’d be a tad uncomfortable if he asked me to a whole new beauty regime in place! Then again my dark hair would look straw-like if I put in highlights…

[Via ContactMusic]

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  • Tary says:

    It’s never comforting to have someone “educating” you on how you can improve your looks. Not to a women like Stella. She is afterall a designer herself and presumably has a certain beauty standards. Definitely not polite for Tom Ford to comment on her lack of grooming

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