Nokia’s fashion 2007 phones with Sarina Suriano accessories

Look what I got in the mail last week! A mini clothes rack, mini clothes hangers and Nokia’s new winter fashion 2007 phones that were adorned with phone accessories designed by Australian jewelery and accessories designer, Sarina Suriano. Before you get too jealous the Nokia 6300 and Nokia 6131’s are just display models so there is no real use for them – except to look pretty of course!

The Nokia 6300 (in the black patent leather, diamante studded, case) was definitely my favourite out of the phones. The slim line phone comes with a 2 megapixel camera and music player is almost affordable at $479. The case is limited edition and comes free with the Nokia phone.

The gold and pink phone’s are the Nokia 6131. They’re both bright, fun and definitely one for the girls. It comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera and inbuilt music player. Unfortunately only 20 of the Sarina Suriano phone charms were made, so good luck tracking down one.

Too cute… now if only people will stop asking me what I will do with my display model phones. I was thinking of taking them out one Saturday night and see if people will make off with them. Thoughts?

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  • Vie says:

    That’s way too cute! I’m planning to get a nokia fashion phone soon.. time to rest my sony ericsson walkman phone! =D

  • Justin says:

    These phones are hot! Australian designers have developed these beautiful beltbags which are perfect for storing your new phone when you dont want to carry a bag! Have a look now!

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