New bites: 3 May 2007

It’s Australian Fashion Week, and a girl hardly has time to stop and eat (all I seem to be doing is queuing up to get into shows), let a long blog about all the fashionable news of late. So here’s a round of what’s been happening in the fashion world.

  • Gisele Bundchen clips her Victoria’s Secret Angel wings. Apparently it is because they did not agree on the terms of her new contract. Rumour has it that they wouldn’t pay her enough. If you ask me, Victoria’s Secret just won’t be the same without Gisele.
  • Christian Lacroix is calling. Well Christian Lacroix for Avon. He’s launching two perfumes under his name for the beauty giant, Christian Lacroix Rouge for women and Christian Lacroix Noir for men.
  • Plum Skyes, American Vogue contributing editor and Anna Wintour favourite, looks set to adapt her book, Bergdorf Blondes, into a screen play for HBO.
  • Nicole Kidman looks set to star in a remake of How to Marry a Millionaire, the movie that put Marilyn Monroe on the may. The report said the film would be a contemporary interpretation of the 1953 classic that helped propel Monroe to stardom.


  • Susan says:

    * I read about the Gisele thing on The Superficial and I have to agree with them, 5 million should be enough for standing around and looking pretty. Celebrities get so much for free so what the hell do they need more money for???

    * Christian Lacroix is one of my favorites but ‘rouge’ and ‘noir’, words can’t express how disappointed I am. how BORING. that is the last thing i expect from Lacroix.

    * Ugh another remake. i don’t even have to comment about this really.

  • Kasey says:

    Victoria’s Secret won’t be the same without Gisele.

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