Lush Australia launches Hair That Cares exchange today!

2007 is the year for saving the environment, and everyone is pitching in to help out. Lush cosmetics is doing their part and are launching a national campaign in Australia today to encourage shoppers to reduce packaging in the lead up to World Environment Day on June 5.

From May 14th, Australian Lush stores will start their ‘Hair that Cares’ campaign where you can pop into your local Lush store to drop your current shampoo bottle in a unique in-store recycling box to receive a packaging-free ‘Solid Shampoo’ tailored to your hair type in return.

“In 2006, sales of Lush’s Solid Hair care ranges alone saved more than 30,000 bottles being added to Australian landfill sites,” Lush director Mark Lincoln says. “The company’s commitment to reducing waste goes beyond merely recycling product packaging; we are committed to creating effective cosmetic ranges in solid form that require no packaging at all wherever possible.”

So why not give Lush shampoo a go – especially if you’re down to the last drops of your current stuff.

Check out the Lush shampoo range and a list of Australian stores on the Lush website now.