Kate Moss for Topshop – did you buy anything?

The Kate Moss for Topshop collection went on sale yesterday at the Oxford Circus flagship store – with queues that put the recent Madonna for H&M release queues to shame (of course). Surprisingly the website didn’t crash as people rushed online this morning (in the UK), in the afternoon (in Australia) or last night (in America).

Unfortunately I was at Australian Fashion Week so I couldn’t pick up a piece or ten, but some girls in the office got some great tops. I can’t wait to see them wear the around the office!

We want to know what you brought?


  • Susan says:

    I saw the news clips of the English opening with Kate Moss in the window – she looked skinnier thann the mannequins!!! LOL

  • kitty says:

    I really like Kate Moss in that she has her own style and looks great off the catwalk. but after checking out the Top Shop Kate Moss range I don’t think it’s really thaaaaaaat great…some of the other Top Shop items in the past are better. although the navy blue dress with the thick straps from neck to chest is kind of nice…

  • Michelle says:

    I am a big Topshop fan and I liked some of the pieces although the majority I could take or leave. I loved the long skirts in particular and that tattoo dress is something I could add to wardrobe. 🙂

  • Fashion Critic says:

    I got 3 tops.

    The clothes are made for skinny models and not the average girl on the street. I am usually a UK size 10 and had to get a size 14 to fit.

    The quality is not great.

    A lot of people were very disappointed by the collection.

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