Wishing for this Armani cape and…

How gorgeous is this Armani Collezioni cape? Classic and sophisticated, it could be the perfect jacket for the Australian winter which is just around the corner… so it is a shame that Bergdorf’s don’t ship to Australia, or that it costs US$1,935?

Ouch, now if only I had a clothing allowance at work. Or a job that was more fashion-y.

I’ve often avoided talking about my personal life on SASSYBELLA.com, after all you never know who could read about that really embarrassing incident one Saturday night out with the girls, or how cheap my Seven for All Mankind jeans were (ok ok, they were marked down to US$99 and I love them so much I might have to buy another pair. After all they retail at almost AUD$300 in Australia). But after being fairly uninspired by how slowly my career is moving along, I need to vent.

Now you may ask ‘have you been trying to do more?’ Of course darling, I’ve pitched ideas, suggested improvements and basically just tried by darnedest to get people to notice the fact that I want to and can do more.

I think I need a new challenge. Or I should focus more of my spare time on expanding SASSYBELLA.com, I should write more articles, while keeping the blogs rolling in as usual. This site is my outlet, but unlike the major fashion blogs, it’s not my full time job. A girl has to pay the rent and working in the Australian magazine publishing industry does have its perks.

But if any of you know of any fabulous online fashion positions opening up soon… let me know and I will love you forever!! Hit me up via email at helen@sassybella.com.

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