Dakota Fanning models Marc Jacobs – too cute

When I first heard last year that Dakota Fanning was going to the next “face” of Marc Jacobs for his spring summer 2007 collection I was a little surprised. She’s such a little cutie, but how could she sell high fashion?

After seeing more than a few of the shots, photographed by Juergen Teller, in the current issue of French Vogue, I found myself cooing over how adorable the two shots above were! The giant diamante embellished bag and the metallic patchwork Marc Jacobs Stam in a little girl’s hands reminds me of the days when I use to play dress ups with my mother’s clothes.

What do you think of Dakota modeling Marc Jacobs?

[Images from dakota-fanning.org]


  • Jess says:

    The one where Dakota is hugging the Stam is really sweet, but like you said, is it helping sales at all?

  • Kate says:

    When I first found out about Dakota modelling for Marc Jacobs I was confused. Was he really going to start pitching his clothes at the tween market?! I know there are 15 year olds wearing Alice McCall, but 12 year olds in Marc Jacobs – that is taking things too far! What happened to the innocent childhood days where asking your parents for a new Billabong t-shirt was a big deal *insert extended rant on the pressures on young children to act as adults*

    Aaaanyway… back to the intention of this message. I really love the way they have depicted Dakota as an innoccent little girl playing dress ups in her mum’s clothes and accessories. Those big glasses with the grey and white dress – gorgeous! I have similar photos of my sister and I on the front verandah of our childhood home wearing my mum’s billowing blouses as dresses (belted… do you think I can now claim credit for that trend?), with bangles, sunglasses and heels. It is a brilliant campaign that is sure to get him some attention.

  • Sophia says:

    Kate’s comment reminds me of an episode of SATC – “Hot Child in the City”. children these days grow up WAAAAAAAAY too fast. 2 years ago i stumbled across interviews with some filthy rich 15-year-olds on a mag. these kids were wearing friggin’ YSL already! gawd. its just wrong. SOOO wrong.

  • Tary says:

    Potraying kids in adult outfits are not healthy. It reminds me of the time when certain jeans company used barely developed teenage girls to front some really sexy ads.
    Dakota would be better of fronting an ad for Gap or Topshop or Abercrombie & Fitch, not designer tags like Marc Jacobs

  • Kate says:


    Before seeing the pictures I would have agreed with you, however I now realise the advertising campaign is meant to be ironic. Marc Jacobs does not want young children wearing his clothes. If you look at the photos, Dakota looks young and innocent and not at all like an adult. She looks like a little girl wearing her mum’s clothes. This is completely different to objectifying young girls and making them look sexy. Well IMO it is.

  • Susan says:

    she scares me.

  • otto says:

    Not as much as you scare me.

  • hater =) says:

    Dakota Fanning sucks. she can’t act nor model.

  • loveit says:

    I love dakota fanning. i dont care what you guys say. she’s an adorable young actress and model. She looks gorgeouse in marc jacobs, and whoever says differently has not style. She’s being sweet and innocent not slutty. so deal with it.

  • fann of the fanning says:

    she is a lot better at acting than modeling thats for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i like her
    yeh she rocks . she is a great role model.to kids but i think a lot of people are jealous of her.she has the looks she has the personality but she is not to good at modeling. is she

  • Rosalind says:

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