Christian Lacroix for La Redoute

Lacroix darling, darling it’s Lacroix.

Every time someone mentions Christian Lacroix to me my mind always flashes back to scenes from Absolutely Fabulous where Eddie is gushing over the French designer. Well the French designer has signed on to do a capsule collection for the French catalogue company, La Redoute.

The 35 piece collection will include clothes and accessories as well as furniture and home decor items. The Lacroix for La Redoute clothes will include a ruffled trenchcoat, a silk taffeta dress with a lace apron overlay and a pair of cowboy-inspired boots, while the home decor collection will include pieces like towels, bed linens, tableware, furniture, light fixtures, rugs and screens.

So how much will it set you back? Well it’s 15 Euros for a stuffed-creature key chain, or 985 Euros for a striped armchair and ottoman set, while clothes will range from 150 to 250 Euros.

Lily Cole is set to model the collection for the catalogue and website. Keep you eye on for more pictures and information. Pieces will be available to La Redoute’s European customers from mid-July.

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  • Mrs Fashion says:

    35 pieces seems like a lot but it’s a shame that they’ll be spread out over homeware too. It’d be great to see 35 pieces of Lacroix fashion!
    Mrs F x

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