Bag Tart’s foufou Crème pouch

Inspired by ‘Moulin Rogue and all things beautiful’, this Bag Tart foufou crème pouch is a handy pouch for when a bag just doesn’t work with an outfit. Worn like a garter on your thigh, it will probably only fit some sexy red lipstick, a credit card and your keys, so you might have go for the old fashioned trick of sticking your cash down your bra if you need it.

This Bag Tart pouch is limited edition so get in quick – only 60 were made in white and black. They retail at AUD$320 each and are hand stitched with French lace and genuine leather.

Each bag at Bag Tart is hand stitched from beginning to end by a single artisan, the only other leather goods company in the world that can make the same claim is Hermes. So perhaps the price is justifiable, especially if you have a prom or school formal coming up.


  • Briana says:

    That is actually a really cute idea! That would be great for a formal dance or prom when a purse is easy to lose and all you really need are the essentials. Thanks for posting this!


  • Vie says:

    wow.. that’s really hot! I can imagine if it’s in black *drool* great find, girl!

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