A Yves Saint Laurent fashion show from 1962

Yves Saint Laurent‘s story is one that is told over and over again in the fashion world. The celebrated designer left home at 17 to work for the legendary French couturier, Christian Dior. He then took over at the design house in 1957 when Dior died of a heart attack after choking on a fishbone at dinner. Saint Laurent was just 21 he was put in charge to save the house from financial ruin. It’s safe to say his design skills saved Dior; after all it wouldn’t be here today. But he suffered a nervous breakdown in 1962 and was released from Dior. When he recovered, he started his own self named label that was also facing financial ruin in its early years as the clip above will tell you.

It’s also interesting to hear what Lee Radziwill (the stylish sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) has to say about the man who designed the iconic Le Smoking suit for women. In the interview, done in French, Radziwill hopes that American designers won’t copy Saint Laurent’s beautiful designs because she doesn’t want everyone to wear clothes she does.

I also loved hearing the comments people made about the collection. Comments like: “It’s not so easy to wear”, “that would make a wonderful photograph” certainly gives you an insight into how fashion editors think, even today.