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This week we have a chat to Catherine at the Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

– Tell us a little about Red Carpet Fashion Awards, why did you start and it what has it grown to?
Red Carpet Fashion Awards is my version of Joan Rivers ‘Live on the Red carpet’, critiquing what celebrities are wearing to events around the world. The blog started prior to the build up to this years Oscars. I was becoming more and more obsessed with what celebrities were wearing, and disagreeing more and more with the so called experts, so I started the blog to give the view of the average girl on the street. It was only meant to focus on the major events such as The Oscars and The Grammy’s, but I soon found that every day is an event in the world of celebrities and fashion. I now post around 4 articles a day.

– Who wore your favourite red carpet outfit of all time? And who designed it?
Cate Blanchett wore an amazing Givenchy Couture dress to the opening of the Berlinale International Film Festival. She was attending her premiere of ‘The Good German’. She is my red carpet Queen. I was blown away with this dress.

Prior to that the only dress that inspired me to actually purchase the same dress was the Michael Kors dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2004 Golden Globes. I have it in Brown with caramel straps. I get so many nice compliments when I wear that dress. Yes, three years on I still wear it!

– What would you wear if you ever got the chance to walk down the Oscar’s red carpet?
It would have to be extremely sexy by Versace or Valentino. I would definitely wear something strapless, floor length, no necklace and my hair up.

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