3 Questions with: Fashionista

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This week we have a chat to Faran at Fashionista.

– Tell us more about Fashionista
Fashionista started because we couldn’t find a fashion website that we completely loved. We see fashion as a constant discussion, and our aim is to make our readers part of that discussion. Style doesn’t just happen on the runways or the red carpets, and it definitely isn’t confined to the corporate board rooms and the design studios. It happens every time you open your closet. Our aim is to give a voice to that idea.

Our other aim is to use Fashionista to meet hot boys like Adam Brody (whom we did meet, last month).

– What is your favourite job to do for the blog?
I love giving space to new designers on the site, and I love stopping people on the street to discuss their outfits. Reading everyone’s comments is also amazing. I don’t agree with all of them but it’s the greatest compliment to the site that so many people want to get involved in our discussions.

– What do you think is the best and worst thing about the fashion industry?
The best thing is the way that fashion and style can enhance the way people think and feel about themselves and their world.

The worst thing about fashion is the way it makes some people feel so inferior, they become angy and mean. We promise our readers that we will never become those people.

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