The Masthead with Marie Claire

When fashion magazines make podcasts and go behind the scenes of things, I do get nervous for them. Because they don’t seem be as well informed about the web and the web audience as they are about print. Which is fair enough.

But when I stumbled upon American Marie Claire’s podcasts on YouTube, The masthead with Marie Claire, I was very surprised and pleased to see they put together a smart insiders guide to how a magazine is put together. Joanna Coles, Editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, takes us around the office and out and about in their first 8 minute podcast. And I was definitely hooked.

See below the fold for a run down of what went on in the podcast.

First stop was to see the results of a CSI Miami photoshoot, themed the beauty science story. Joanna, clad in a Viktor & Rolf tan coat, discusses the results with her team. Then Joanna and Joyce Caruso-Corrigan, Editor-at-Large of Marie Claire, take us into the beauty cupboard and we look at extra products that will be shot separately too appear in the magazine.

After the beauty cupboard trip we check out the Marie Claire / Ashley Judd documentary screening, and check out the dramas in the fashion closet, where a very expensive piece of clothing has gone missing. Not a good sign. Want to know what happened to the Hugo Boss piece? Watch Episode 2…

Check out the other Marie Claire YouTube clips here.

What did you think?

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