Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten collection revealed in Glamour

Ok so half the web’s fashion addicts have seen the photos of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten collection for Steve & Barry’s. But Glamour have the first “official” look at the line in their June edition with Sarah Jessica Parker modeling it in a fashion spread.

In the interview with Glamour, she reveals that her clothes “are not setting a trend. We’re not Balenciaga. They’re well-made clothes that feel of-the-moment.”

And that she didn’t name the brand after herself because “I was embarrassed to. I don’t want the line to be about me. I’m not pretending that these are clothes from my closet. Or that this is Carrie Bradshaw.”

The Glamour photoshoot doesn’t include just Bitten clothes, she’s photographed above wearing a Chanel jacket, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Bitten Sarah Jessica Parker t-shirt and jeans.

The magazine hits newsstands May 8 but you can get a sneak peek at the story and photos of the shoot at The collection will be hitting Steve & Barry stores in the US on June 7.

Boy aren’t those cuffed jeans reminiscent of the ones she modeled for Gap just a few years ago…

[Edit May 21 – See more images of the Bitten collection on Oprah here]

(Via WWD and The Daily)


  • Sarah says:

    How airbrushed for SJP look on that cover?! The Bitten clothes only look nice on her because she’s paired it with luxury design gear. Which of course the people she wants to buy her stuff can’t afford!

  • jennifer says:

    I just saw the line on opra and was wondering who will be selling it and when the line looks great, wonderful fun and trendy clothes thank you jennifer Rizzotti

  • Tammy Robinson says:

    I saw a preview of the line on the Oprah Winfrey show. I was impressed and would like to know where I will be able to purchase items. I live in NYC.

  • Denise says:

    The clothes do look very nice and so affordable. They are available at Steve & Barry’s, go to their website for locations.

  • julia says:

    you can get the clothes at steve and barry’s in the manhattan mall.

    I for one loved the clothes being high end i am pretty sure glamour asked her to wear the designer piece and she seems like a very polite person. beside i don’t like the sweater so it is only the jeans and tshirt that appeal to me.

  • Liz says:

    I was not at all impressed with the clothes that I saw on Oprah yesterday, and I thought that SJP seemed not to be too enthusiastic about the clothes, either. They are just not her (and they certainly are not Carrie Bradshaw, who would LAUGH at this stunt).

    SJP made her name by wearing things that most of us cannot afford and inspiring envy.

    Like Samantha Jones said to her boyfriend Smith on S&tC: “At least wear [these designer] sunglasses. If you don’t wear something that the kids cannot afford [on TRL], how will they know to look up to you?”

  • Michelle says:

    I think the line is great and anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain snobby. I’ve already purchased multiple pieces, they clothes feel great, look great and don’t put a huge dent in my wallet. SJP had us regular folks in mind when she did this. Kudos to her!

  • Sandy says:

    Ummm…why does one have to be snobby because they don’t like the line? Are you tacky because you do?

    I don’t care for the line; it’s not a reflection of the woman who played the stylish character so many women grew to love. There is a point where style can meet practical. Banana Republic has been doing it for years.

  • Evelyn says:

    “it’s not a reflection of the woman who played thestylish character so many women grew to love.”

    SJP made it clear that this line was not designed by “Carrie Bradshaw”, who if you need to be reminded is a fictional TV character. I don’t want to dress like a TV character. SJP made it clear that she was poor when she was growning up and she was unable to afford fashionable clothing. She geared this line for average, everyday folks who don’t want to spend a fortune on trendy clothing. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

  • Melissa says:

    The clothes are NOT fashionable though. They’re just boring cheap jersey/cotton basics.

  • Suzanne says:

    “There is a point where style can meet practical. Banana Republic has been doing it for years.”

    Are you joking? Banana Republic practical? Sixty eight dollars for shorts is not practical. I can afford Banana Republic clothing. I also know that there are many people who can’t.

    As far as the Bitten line I think that it’s great. I’m not in love with every piece but it provides some cute clothes at a great price. If women can get the basics for this price there might be a bit left over for the sale rack at Macy’s.

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