Nicole Richie and Dita von Teese arrive in Australia

One is in town for the Australian MTV Video Awards, and the other is here for Australian Fashion Week.

Well, you may be a little surprised, but Nicole Richie is actually in town for MTV Australia, and she didn’t make any new fans on her arrival at Sydney Airport. According to the SMH, she left her fans in tears as she dashed from airport to car.

Fan Bianca Valodian woke up at 4am to catch a glimpse of Richie and was devastated to miss out on getting an autograph from the tiny star.

“We haven’t slept in two days,” the 17-year-old year 12 student from Frenchs Forest said. “It’s pretty heartbreaking.”

Qantas staff were also underwhelmed by Richie, who was rude to the cabin crew on her flight from Los Angeles. “She’s not very nice,” a female crew member said. “She has no charm.” By contrast, her fiance Joel Madden and his brother, Benji, of Good Charlotte, happily posed for photographs with fans and signed autographs at Sydney Airport after flying in from Auckland after Richie.

When asked about the scrum at the airport, Richie made no apology. “You know what, I had just woken up so it was definitely a rush but, you know, we got through it,” she said.


In contrast Dita von Teese arrived in style, complete with Louis Vuitton luggage and a checked YSL Downtown bag slipped under her arm. She was even snapped pushing her own luggage around.

Her arrival was relatively fuss free ahead of her appearance at Australian Fashion Week to perform her Lipteese show as part of her role as a MAC’s Viva Glam spokesperson.

Stay tuned to for more about Australian Fashion Week – it starts tomorrow!


  • The How To Girl says:

    You do have to keep in mind that Dita von Teese is a MUCH classier chick than Nicole Richie so of course they would act differently. Even though Nicole was adopted, she grew up all pampered and didn’t have to work for her money.

  • myckle says:

    hi, i think the link for aussie fashion week was mispelled hence when you click the link it won’t open. the URL was spelled with “www,” instead of “www.”. Love your blog!

  • Helen says:

    Thanks for letting me know.

  • Sally says:

    does anyone know when nicole richie will be in melbourne!! coz i LOVE HER!!… i know shes a bitch and all……. but deep down inside everyone wishes to have a life like hers…. she does work and gets paid for it… shes rich… has nice clothes!!! please if anyone knows let me know!! thank u

  • Traa says:

    Give her a brake. Shes pregnant and has just been on an uncomfortable plane for tooooo long and the last thing I am sure she wanted is a group of yelling fans…..

    (any plane would be uncomfortable pregnant)

  • Helen says:

    This happended before she was pregnant Traa.

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