Lancome’s Density Cube

Beauty product packaging has gotten rather creative the last few seasons; cases are now designed to be prettier, edgier, or quirkier to catch the consumers eye.The one that has caught my eye most recently is the Lancome Density Cube (which caught my eye on

It looks a little like a Magic 8 Ball and a little like the Scattergories dice, but it can’t tell your future or get you bonus points – instead, it’s some sort of shading and contour device.

It reminds me of my school days when we use to write yes, no, and maybe on our erasers and ask it questions like a magic eight ball. Only this one is much more fun – a make-up compact and magic cube in one. What will they think of next!

The Lancome Destiny Cube will retail for $55 and is available in August on I don’t know if they ship to Australia, let’s hope so!