Katie Holmes on the cover of Harpers Bazaar

Which one do you prefer?

The blue Australian Harpers Bazaar (May 2007 issue – pictured left), or the pink US Harpers Bazaar (March 2007 issue – pictured right)?

I like the blue one, but I find it rather boring that they used the exact same picture two months later. After all Katie did an entire fashion shoot for the pages inside the magazine as well.

Oh and in fashion magazine related gossip, oops Vogue have done it again…

Vogue Australia was caught out by Media Watch for some more publishing no no’s. First there was that Elizabeth Taylor saga, then the 15 year old on the April cover debate. Now it seems Vogue get inspired by the likes of the London Times, Style.com and the New York magazine.

With all this bad coverage, I sort of suspect a rival fashion magazine in Australia supplied Media Watch with all this information about Vogue Australia.

But I do love how Media Watch ended their segment

Perhaps the best we can say is that fashion journalism mirrors fashion itself. There’s the original and there’s the knock off.

At nearly eight dollars a copy Vogue readers have been paying a high price for the fake.