Is the Balenciaga bag revived if Nicole Richie totes it?

We all know about the rock chic bag that is the Balenciaga Motorcycle Le Dix bag. Born in 2001, and really became the life of the fashion It bag part in 2004/2005. And to add to that it is a bag that still is in high demand.

Now in the last year or so the spotlight has come off the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag – after all the Sienna Millers and Kate Moss’ of the world haven’t toted it around as frequently – but Nicole Richie has been snapped toting a few of hers around.

Which begs the question, can Nicole Richie bring the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag if she carries it around enough?

I suspect not, but she could get her group of young fashionites like Paris, Nicky Hilton, Lindsay Lohan & co, to get back on the bandwagon. Nicole is pictured above, with a small metallic silver Motorcycle bag, and a giant white one. Now I wonder if she did yoga, if she could fit into that huge Motorcycle bag…


  • Lori says:

    the sienna miller’s and kate moss’s? i think kate had it first then sienna, so sienna is a copykate to the highest extreme. has been since she’s been in the spotlight and probably always will be. I happen to be a big fan of kate and i’m so sick of seeing her and sienna’s name in the same article! sienna copies kate! I can’t wait until sienna gains weight and she’ll disappear for good.

  • Cherri says:

    Its great to see someone from hollywood toting around a bag thats deemed to be dead. It shows that Nicole Richie really does like these bags and didnt buy them for the sake of it.

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