Gemma Ward uses Nicole Kidman’s acting coach

Talk about starting out with the best in Hollywood.

Australia Supermodel, Gemma Ward, had the benefit of Nicole Kidman’s acting coach on the set of The Strangers, the movie which also stars Live Tyler and Scott Speedman. ran into Live Tyler at a benefit last week and it seems Liv had nothing but great things to say about Gemma. Here’s a few things Liv had to say about Gemma…

– Liv, what was it like working with Gemma Ward?
Oh Gemma? She’s great! When she came to the set, she was working with Nicole Kidman’s acting coach – not just for Nicole, actually; her coach works with a lot of great actors. And Gemma just came on and did a really great job when the cameras were on. You could see she worked really hard for it.

– Was it fun having another really tall girl on the set?
Sure, and she’s beautiful…

– Yeah, we know. It’s distracting. But we can’t wait for the film.
The film is going to be great, and the thing with Gemma is, she was so professional. She’s fantastic.

No word on when the movie will be released – and as for a movie poster? Well stay tuned to the Rogue Pictures website.

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  • The How To Girl says:

    Ohhh I can’t wait to see what her acting skills are like then. I hope they don’t have her hidden behind a mask the whole movie…

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