Feeding my magazine addiction

On the way home tonight I picked up a copy of the latest Australian Harpers Bazaar, which came with a free Sass & Bide t-shirt (for a few dollars extra than usual). Oh and a copy of the New Woman, which was just redesigned along with their website which is kind of reminds me of a black and yellow zebra crossing…

Now, after I fed my magazine addiction, I now have to feed myself. Would help if I had food in the fridge…

I knew there was an addiction I had to kick.

That’d explain why I’m being extra critical about everything at the moment. Must find food in my kitchen cupboard. Now.

P.S. Speaking of Sass & Bide, their warehouse sale starts tomorrow in Sydney.


  • Chen says:

    I never did get free t-shirts/slippers/thongs/bikinis/bags with magazines. Don’t get me wrong, I have most of them. But the problem I have is a lot of people would recognise where the goods came from and ‘free with a magazine’ was never the statement I wanted to make. And it’s not really designer if anyone could get it for almost nothing at and newsagents is it?

  • Helen says:

    Neither am I Chen, but I just couldn’t help myself. I didn’t buy Aus Vogue or Madison when they both came with free bags with their March or April issues… but this one wasn’t Harpers branded and I can always sell it on eBay if I hate it tomorrow!

    Should take better photos of it now then…

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