Elle Macpherson launches her Boudoir collection in Sydney

Yesterday was the 100th birthday for the bra, originally called brassiere, and it was also the day that the supermodel known as The Body, launched her new lingerie, Boudoir, collection for a male-only audience.

Although she is known as The Body, Elle Macpherson didn’t feel the need to strip down to her underwear to make headlines, her business speaks for itself today.

She entertained the group of Australia’s richest men with an exclusive party at Quay restaurant, and had lots of lingerie buying tips for men present at the exclusive cocktail event.

On her stop over in Melbourne, she advised: “When she’s in the shower, sneak into the drawer and check to see what size she is… Use your sense of taste, it’s about choosing something you think you would like to see her in.”

“I hope it inspires women to embrace their sensuality and identify what intimacy means to them,” said the 43-year-old. “I won’t pretend it isn’t sexy, sensual or even provocative but it’s also romantic, luxurious lingerie and above all, made to have fun.”

An interesting side note, 2005 Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins, was at Westfield to launch a new lingerie range for Loveable.

Yesterday was the birthday of the bra, because the word brassiere was used for the first time in a 1907 issue of US Vogue.

(Image source: smh.com.au)

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  • eclair says:

    Oh, I love Elle Macpherson lingerie so much – it’s such good quality for the price and everything fits so well. I’ll definitely be snapping up some sets from this collection, it’s goooorgeous!

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