Chanel Allure lipstick seduces and Canada don’t approve

The Chanel TV ad for their Chanel Allure lipstick seems to be too seductive and raunchy for Canadian television. Ok so the 30 second commercial shows a semi naked model, Julie Ordon, writing around in bed while asking her man if he loves her. But really…

As first reported by Marketing Mag, The Television Bureau of Canada isn’t too pleased with a recent commercial from Chanel and has refused to air the ad.

The TVB says portions of the ad must be pixelated before they will approve it for broadcast. Predictablely, Chanel is balking. Chanel Canada’s Public Relations Executive Director Anny Kazanjian told Marketing Daily, “When you tamper with the original product, it doesn’t really leave much. Once you begin changing it, you really move light years away from what it’s intended to be, and that defeats the purpose.”

What do you think of the ad spot? It started screening in Australia (in English) last night – after 9:30pm.


  • Susan says:

    last night???? i saw this ad last week during desperate housewives which starts 8.30pm on a monday. first i was like ‘whoa what is this’ and then when i FINALLY realized it was for Chanel i was like ‘ohhh yeah thats hot’. if it was anyone else advertising like that, it would have been more ‘sex’ then ‘sensual’. but hey thats just me 🙂

  • sonia says:

    this ad is laughable! the aussie version, she says ‘do you love my lips?’ what kind of dialogue is that? and the way she smooshes the lipstick against her lips is just hilarious!

  • Susan says:

    i just realized that the aussie version shows different scenes to the canadian one.

    isn’t the ‘do you love my lips?’ just the translation of what she says in french? mind you, things always sound so sexy in French lol

  • Maureen says:

    That ad is so tacky. Women don’t respond to sexist marketing

  • aiDoll says:

    when i first saw it i went ‘0.0’ for a few moments before i realised what it was. ha-ha. i guess it said what it needed to say – that the rouge allure woman is one sexy little cat! me-ow~ nothing wrong with being sexy right? =) i think that if they cast Christina Aguilera for the ad with her sexy new look, it would have garnered more ‘good’ attention though!

    j’aime rouge allure, viva la chanel!


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