Behnaz Sarafpour designs for Earnest Sewn jeans

Behnaz Sarafpour has been doing well lately after her name received great brand exposure thanks to her collaboration with Target GO International. Now her second round collaboration with premium denim brand, Earnest Sewn, is about to hit stores this weekend too.

The two signature LC fit denim jeans are super-slim and will set you back $395. But before you plan to buy a dark denim pair, there are only two colours on offer. Presidio grey and Brighton white, both of which were seen on the Behnaz Sarafpour Spring 2007 catwalk (pictured right).

According The Daily:

The $395 jeans feature custom designer details, including a front zip from the bottom hem to above the knee.

The new style is even smaller throughout the hip, thigh, and knee, and the inseam is 35″ long, making it one of the longest women’s jeans available on the market.

Ah long inseams. I remember having to tackle this issue when my extremely tall friend set me a fashion task of finding her jeans with a inseam long enough for her 6″ self. That was easier than I thought.

(image source: The Daily)


  • Alex says:

    Call me crazy, but everyone makes jeans with ridiculously long inseams. That’s why all us shorties have to have our jeans hemmed! And almost $400? Holy shnikes is that pricy!!
    But I do think Behnaz Sarafpour’s stuff is awesome…

  • Kasey says:

    Earnest Sewn is doing a lot these days… gas station outfits and now jeans with Behnaz Sarafpour.

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