A Razorlight and Natalia Vodianova lands the cover of UK Vogue

British Vogue have sometimes surprised people with their cover choices, and on the May 07 cover they picked a rather unlikely cover boy.

Johnny Borrell from the UK band, the Razorlight stars along side Russian supermodel, Natalia Vodianova, in his trademark skinny white jeans. The article relating to the cover shoot should be interesting, with a cover line “Rocking with Razorlight. When Natalia met Johnny”.

Borrell joins an elite group of men who have appeared on the cover of the UK fashion bible, which includes Robbie Williams, Bono and Elton John. And he holds good company as well, he’s dating Hollywood star and frequent Vogue cover girl, Kirsten Dunst. The in-love pair have been spotted looking rather cozy in London and the US recently.

What do you think of the cover? At least it’s better than Pete Doherty on the cover of Vogue Hommes right?


  • Kasey says:

    My do they look like a miss matched pair…

  • eclair says:

    I actually think doherty’s cover made more sense. He has had a big influence on the world of men’s fashion, and on the music scene, despite being a drug-addled junkie dirtbag. He’s also the on-again-off-again of one of britain’s, if not the western world’s biggest style icon. Razorlight? Please. What is it with brits leaping on the ‘next big thing’, tackling it to the ground and pummelling it until its dead? Oasis, anyone?

  • kasey says:

    I think Johny Borrell looked amazing with Natalia Vodianova on vogue cover spread – I do not, think doherty’s cover made more sense as he is a druggy and not a role model to mens fashion
    borrell is individual and writes every song for Razorlight, which are in fact a very talented band
    The cover was amazing

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