A 30 year old Karl Lagerfeld kidnap plot revealed

The Kasier, also known as Karl Lagerfeld, may have been kidnapped 30 years ago and we may have never been able to revel in the beautiful things he’s created at Chloe, Chanel and Fendi.

Peter-Jurgen Boock, a member of the radical left-wing group the Red Army Faction, said in an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel that the designer was once a prominent figure on a list of “people with a large fortune on whom we collected information with a view to kidnapping them”.

The group had planned to abduct and ransom Lagerfeld in the early autumn of 1977, using him as a pawn to secure the release of other RAF members from jail and inject funds into their operation.

Luckily for Lagerfeld fans, the plans were dropped, but instead the group kidnapped – and, chillingly, murdered – former employers’ representative Hanns-Martin Schleyer.

In the 70s, Lagerfeld was the artistic director of Chloe, and had yet moved on to Chanel.

Lagerfeld has yet commented public about the news, but he has been busy snapping up a storm in preparation for a major exhibition of photography in tandem with the Cannes film festival next month.