3 Questions with: Fashion Verbatim

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This week we have a chat to Adrian at Fashion Verbatim.

– Tell us a little about Fashion Verbatim
Fashion Verbatim is a cheeky, satirical discourse of the smorgasbord that is fashion. From runway reviews to international street trends, Fashion Verbatim attempts to present all things fashion with a bit of intellect and humour – and a bit of celeb trash for style equilibrium.

– What is the best thing about Canada / Canadian fashion?
The best thing about Canadian fashion is Jeremy Laing. He’s a young, Canadian designer showing in New York. His understanding of construction and his sense of sophistication make him stand out as a true talent. Expect to see big things from this man.

– Who embodies your is your fashion style and why?
The Beatles in their skinny suits period. Kurt Cobain because I’m a product of the 90s. Huckleberry Finn as I always like things to have a boy-ish quality to them.

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