The smaller IT bags – part 1

I am sick of having sore shoulders or arms from lugging around big hand bags (namely my Chloe Edith) with so much stuff that I am always prepared for anything. So (for health reason – so I’m telling myself) I’m on the hunt for bags that aren’t so big, but are still very “it”. First I have to cross off the YSL Muse, the Chanel Coco Cabas, a Prada frame bag (not ruched), and maybe even the Chloe Bay bag.

Whatever I buy, I’d be tempted to do my spending on though – they give you all the measurements as well as how much the bags weigh. Handy huh?

Here’s some lighter coloured bags, left to right:

1. Mulberry Emmy, £527.66. Made from beautiful leather, this log shaped bag is classic and will be a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

2. Chloe ivory kidskin small ‘Betty’ chain bag, marked down to $1,160. Chloe do some great IT bags, while the Betty never made it to the same heady heights as the Paddington, the bonus is that it doesn’t have a giant brass lock hanging off it!

3. Marc Jacobs Little Stam bag, £417.02. For all you Stam lovers with sore shoulders and back, here’s a lighter option. Ah, I want! (Even if I do see a zillion fakes every day – how can I tell? They’re all usually missing the MJ engravings on the kiss clasp.)

4. Luella khaki leather small east-west ‘Stevie’ bag, marked down to $876. I still heart my Luella Stevie, but there comes a time when a girl should let go and get… the smaller Stevie.