Pete Doherty on the cover of Vogue Homme

Now I know I already ranted about Pete Doherty landing the cover of Vogue Home on CatwalkQueen, but I just had to mention it again here, after all I seem to be on a Vogue-roll at the moment. So I’ll keep it up with one more post about Vogue.

How dull I know. But why Pete? What has he done that could warrant this pork pie hat wearing guy be a cover boy? Sure editor Carine Roitfeld is use to using sometimes controversial imagery on the covers of French Vogue, but this isn’t French Vogue. It’s suppose to me a men’s life and style magazine.

Pete is not stylish, not inspirational, or even astounding to warrant a magazine cover. Unless you count the fact that he somehow managed to get Kate Moss to fall for him.

That’s just what I think. What do you think of the cover?


  • Angela says:

    Why not Pete. As you said, that is just your opinion. And of course you are entitled to it. I happen to think Pete is extremely inspirational and stylish. As do countless others. Pete has a massive fanbase and vogue are obviously aware of this. I am in my thirties and happily married with children and i am a huge fan of Pete. I can see past how the tabloids try and portray him and see a beautiful soul if just a little lost. Its not just young naive kids that see Pete as the greatest talent of our time. Too many people just believe the rubbish they read in the papers and that is all they know about him (what is written in the papers). Then they make rash judgements. Pete is an extremely intelligent man who has made the mistake of dabbling with drugs and now has an addiction. It happens to the nicest of people you know with other addictions such as drink, food! etc. All i can say is if people want to make a decision on Pete then they should find out a bit more about him rather than just believe what the papers want you to believe. Read some books, watch some interviews and documentaries and listen to his songs. I also wish the papers would leave Pete and Kate alone. They are obviously in love. Everyone has the right to be happy surely. They say Pete is not a good role model for kids. Its the papers that arent good role models for kids its them that write the rubbish. Im sure Pete doesnt want his personal life printed for the nation to see. I dont read the papers any more. I have seen first hand how they write rubbish. I have been to gigs that were fantastic and then read in the papers the next day absolute nonsense about the gig that was untrue. I like to get my facts from other more reliable sources. Ok i will get off my soap box now!! Sorry about the ranting.


  • Batty says:

    I don’t mind Pete on the cover – as long as you can’t see his teeth.

  • Chen says:

    Thanks Angela, that was a very informative rant 🙂 I’ll definitely keep what you say in mind.

  • Sophia says:

    pete is such a disgusting human being. so is kate moss. they SO belong to each other. they are GROSS. ew! i think i can even smell them here. STINKY people. ew ew ew!

  • Jade says:

    Definitely not a fan of the Pete Doherty cover – it’s almost as bad as the Paris Hilton cover on French Vogue last year. Ick.

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