New bites: March 11

It seems to be the time for fashion and beauty news, even though the catwalk and red carpet season has come to an end. No rest for the wicked it seems…

  • Jennifer Hudson, I know you just won an Academy Award, but I have Avon calling, should I ask them to hold? They want you to be the face of their new fragrance, Imari Seduction.
  • Speaking of Avon calling, or phone calls in general, US Cosmopolitan magazine could soon be calling you to help you out of a bad date. Now you don’t have to rely on your friends helping you out of a nightmare.
  • Have you met Catherine McNeil? Hailing from Queensland, Australia, she wanted to be a mechanic (Kylie Minogue style I’m sure), but is hailed as the next big thing in the modeling world after walking down 35 runway shows in Paris and Milan.
  • Now you can buy 15 Louis Vuitton bag, for the price of one. Well sort of. If you’re willing to fork out £23,484 for the ‘Patchwork Tribute’ (pictured right), then you can also snag yourself 14 other Louis Vuitton bags from their spring/summer collection.

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