LMFF Day 2 – While waiting for Alannah

White Suede kicked off last night’s L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week parade with pretty wintry florals, varying shades of that most royal of colour’s: purple, lots of contrasting grey’s and white’s, and the trench re-created as Leonard Cohen’s ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’.

The standout’s for me were One Fell Swoop’s interesting skeletor/skater chic with shredding, bows, skeleton print stockings and buccaneer trousers all getting a look in, and Roger Grinstead’s Rap star/collegiate mix.

Some lovely things from Bettina Liano (sweet and tough, being a theme), Nevenka (lovely keyhole details), Su (Bright’s and buckle’s), and Morrissey getting the crowd all hot and bothered with latino fever, black & white prints, and actress Sybilla Budd in a red satin dress.

Everyone though, was waiting for perennial Melbourne favourite, Alannah Hill.

Itseems to me, that Alannah Hill is the antithesis of Coco Chanel in some respects. She must have read Coco’s old saying about turning around in front of a mirror before leaving the house and taking one thing off, and changed it to putting three more things on.

Her models walked down the runway last night, in a flurry of watermelon crepe print skirts, grey tartan print stockings, crushed velvet jackets and diamante belts; and that was just the one outfit.

They cantered down the runway to the tune of Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’, but perhaps it should have been ‘Material Girl’?

[by Effie Lisgaras]

Images from LMFF.com.au. Left to right: Bettina Liano, Bettina Liano, Roger Grinstead, Alannah Hill, Su.

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