Live Natty’s denim fit guide

I love buying designer denim, I don’t know why but I seem to collect a pair or two every season. By now I must own almost all of the original cult/premium denim brands around (Seven for All Mankind, Paper Denim and Cloth, Sass & Bide, Blue Cult, etc). Not that it makes buying jeans any easier though. Especially since I seem to lose or gain inches every time I try a new denim brand (though I don’t complain when I lose inches).

Well have made it all a little easier for us all with their Denim Fit Guide.

Since I know I am a tried and true Seven for All Mankind 26 inch waist girl, looking at their chart I am also a Paper Denim size 25, a Habitual 24, and a Siwy denim size 25. Great, my waist size seems to be shrinking! 😉

This knowledge will all come in extra handy when I made use of their special spring promo code to get 15% off everything I need for the new season.

For 15% off use the promo code: Step

Now how much will these Paper Denim straight leg jeans (pictured) be after the discount… at least I know what size I am, now I just need a calculator!

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