Kylie inspired H&M’s Australian glam beachwear line

Celebrities tend to inspire designers a lot these days, and near the top of the list would have to be Australia’s Kylie Minogue. She was chosen by H&M to be the face and inspiration of the new H&M beachwear range, called H&M loves Kylie and is inspired by Australia and glamour.”When we think Australia and glamour we think Kylie, who is such a fashionable person,” said H&M’s head of design Margareta van den Bosch in a statement.

“It has been a great experience working with H&M to create this summer line. To me it is all about summer indulgence, effortless chic and lots of fun!” Minogue added.

The “H&M loves Kylie” will hit stores in mid-May and contain 15 styles featuring bright, bohemian prints and lots of shiny metallic.

10 percent of all proceeds from the beachwear line will be donated to international charity WaterAid, which helps supply safe domestic water, sanitation, and hygiene education in poverty-stricken regions.