How to make some crazy shoes

I love Teen Vogue’s clever DIY ideas. It’s amazing how creative people can be, and all it takes is just some embellishments and knowing how to use a needle and thread! I surfed on to via Jade’s blog, and I just fell for their idea to poke holes into your shoes and threading coloured shoe laces through the holes.

Simple and effective, and the rest is up to your own creativity!

Too sweet.


  • Jessorz says:

    cute idea, im not too sure about the big plastic animals, but other than that, cute.

    also, just wondering, would you like to link exchange with my blog?

  • Sophia says:

    ilove the idea too (though not sure about the animals hahaha)!
    regarding your comment on my motorola k1 entry, i think it is pretty user friendly… it doesnt take me long to get the hang of everything.. so yea, highly recommand it! and besides, its so pretty, no? 🙂

    i love the Prada phone too… if it werent made by LG. i always have this impression that korean brands like LG and Samsung are not as good as japanese manufacturers…

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