Helen’s 2 cents worth – How I found inspiration/Jamie

Working in fashion / magazines sometimes it can get a little… well same old same old. Even if nothing ever stays the same two days in the a row, even though there is always gossip, news, and lots of beautiful clothes and people. But you need to be inspired to push you a little further along the working path. And that’s when I turn to stories. Not just any stories. But biographies, novels (based on true stories), and interviews with people that have influenced the fashion industry in some way.

I didn’t realize that I was missing something this last week or so, until I came across an old issue of Summer Winter, a Australian bi-annual non-mainstream fashion magazine, with a one on one with Jamie Huckbody, a British lad with a fashion story to tell. From his views about designers, working in the magazine publishing industry in London, New York and now Sydney, the Q&A was refreshing because it was different side to a well worn “how I got into fashion” story.

I loved the insider goss about his thoughts on Helmut Lang, (which makes me wonder what Jamie thinks of Nicole and Michael Colovos’s designs for the iconic brand that Helmut Langs name), and Pierre Cardin. And I always love hearing about the fashions around a little before my time, just imagining it all in my head almost sends me surfing in cyber space for photos of that era. I loved that he talked about his days when he studied fashion with Pheobe Philo, wore head to toe Westwood, to currently writing pieces on the industry that aren’t all filled with fluff.

It all sort of takes me back (ok, only a few years) to when I was studying journalism in university. Back when my lecturers, who all worked as news journalist, didn’t really take me too seriously for wanting to go into fashion media. It’s reassuring that people like Jamie, Marion Hume and Suzy Menkes can stand their journalist grounds in fashion and write what they truly think about the latest designer offerings and trends.

Not that I think I could ever do the things they’ve done.

Whether it was Jamie’s influence on a fantastic group effort, I also love what how his role at Australia’s Harper’s Bazaar as their Fashion Features Director has helped reshape the brand and the magazine. It’s becoming edgier and much for fashion forward. You actually want to look twice through the magazine and read the articles that were pulled together so well by the team.

I especially love the fashion shoot on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the April 2007 issue. I spend all day listening to our photographic editor booking shoots at work, so I know that organizing that particular shoot would have been no mean feat for the Harper’s team – seeing as you’re not allowed to climb the Harbour bridge unless you’re wearing the grey jumpsuits and strapped with harness. The models were wearing flowing dresses that just danced in the wind and the whole thing – the view, the art direction and Australian designer fashion – looked amazing. There’s behind the scene’s footage of the shoot on the Harper’s website, so check it out if you can.

— Covering Australian fashion beccause we’re an Australian blog