Giorgio Armani is dressing the boys from South Sydney

He’s probably more use to fielding requests from actresses this time of year for red carpet dresses or answering calls from major fashion magazines around the world after his recent Autumn/Winter 2007 collection showings in Milan. But Giorgio Armani also fielded a call from Russell Crowe about designing suits for his rugby team.

“You are probably asking yourself why an Italian fashion designer should get involved with an Australian rugby league team?” said Armani. “Well, there are two very good reasons. The first is that my friend Russell Crowe does not call often and when he does, it is usually about something very important. ‘Hi Giorgio, I need an outfit for the Academy Awards, what do you suggest?’ Or, ‘hey I’m getting married, what should I wear?’”

“Or, in this case, ‘I’ve bought a share in the Rabbitohs and they are going back to the top of the premiership, would you help to design a special outfit for them?’ The second reason is that I love sport of all kinds. For me sportsmen are like modern day gladiators and because they have to show real dedication and skill they are an inspiration for all of us.”

I don’t know if the South Sydney Rabbitohs (pronounced rabbit-toes) are really going back to the top of the rugby league, after all they did have a shocking season last season and the media in Australia don’t really predict much from them this season either.

But at least they will be the best dresses boys at company functions when they have to wear their Giorgio Armani suits which include a cardinal red and myrtle green pinstripe suit, worn with a white shirt. Red and green are colours which the team have worn to play in since it was founded in 1959.

“Australians have lot in common with Italians,” said Crowe. “We are both nations proud of our culture and fanatical about sport. There can be no better way to arrive for our matches than standing tall and feeling confident because of Giorgio Armani’s magic.”

The new kit will be unveiled on March 19.

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