“Get Chucked” with Converse Chuck Taylors

These Converse Chuck Taylor ads are a little odd, what exactly are they trying to say to us with their “Get Chucked” slogan?

The first ad (pictured above left) has a male model about to use the outdoor toilet, which is incidentally being used as a flower bed. The second (pictured above right) shows a male and female model on a picnic table holding a bottle of water.

What do you think it means?

According to the press release it is “in support of the Spring/Summer 2007 men’s and women’s ready to wear collections. Staying true to the brand’s iconic heritage, the concept preserves the “Get Chucked” theme by portraying the irreverence and originality of the brand.

Scenes from a picnic, the park and a rooftop party are all viewed from the “Get Chucked” point of view, injecting these classic scenes with the irreverence and wit that the “Converse by John Varvatos” brand has come to represent. The provocative images evoke a carefree sensibility, with hidden messages littered throughout the campaign, such as “Legalize Everything,” “Sexy Mess” and “Social Discomfort,” authenticating this call to action lifestyle.

Ok then.


  • Paulo says:

    Hiya Helen:

    My compliments on your expose regarding the latest “Get Chucked” with Converse ads; however, I am not at all certain if the folks at Converse or their advertising network has any clue as to what they are trying to convey. From the press release you graciously printed, it is rather obvious that the company doesn’t know what it’s all about.

    In my ultimate journey to find who the people in the ads are, I happened upon some great information. Not that any of the information was in the least bit helpful to me in my search; it nonetheless helped me to understand how these things we’re put together.

    “Getting Chucked” in my opinion really doesn’t need any introduction. All one needs to do is change a few letters and end up with what I believe is the intended message. Moreover, I also see these ads as sort of late 1970s or early 1980s genre, insofar as the lesser than obscure messages.

    Although I feel the ads are and will continue to benefit Converse, I am dismayed by the plagiarizing details when compared to Abercrombie & Fitch, F.C.U.K., and especially Ralph Lauren’s latest campaign. French Connection’s ads were pulled immediately; A&F are under constant surveillance, and Ralph’s new one is awesome with the exception that he’s using a 14-year-old girl to promote his latest lines.

    All things being equal, it does appear that Converse is pushing the envelop and there has been minimal feedback. As for me, I try and reconcile a nation full of unwatched sex offenders and deviates of all kinds whilst at the same time realizing that these same people see children gracing the glossy pages of fashion and men’s mags. I still try and imagine what “genius” thinks it’s okay to urinate in an open, outdoor toilet, and the inside be known, in the upper right what do you think the guy is doing at the B-B-Q? Nuff said.

  • Charlotte says:

    Yes, I agree . I have a 13 year old son and actually have been dumping my Rolling Stone Magazines to prevent him from thinking that his parents condone this type of behavior. We are teaching our son to respect women, something most males did not do in my era, the “70’s”. It very hard to do when all around him the music and ad industry do not. Will not be purchasing anything from Dolce Gabbana, Converse and Abercrombie. If you really beleive it takes a village , how about helping us out instead of degrading us. Nuff said!

  • Marla says:

    Hey Converse– exploiting female sexuality to sell your product?? GO CHUCK YOURSELF!

  • Stuck On Chucks says:

    We Got Chucked!!

  • Raymond says:


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