Fragrance news – Calvin Klein and John Galliano to launch new scents

Finally, brands who are not celebrities are launching new fragrances. This is a refreshing change – really.Calvin Klein are making another dive back into the fragrance market next month with a sequel to the iconic CK One. Apparently they want to se seduce the ‘millennial’ generation with CK in2u.

The women’s CK in2u scent includes notes of pink grapefruit, bergamot and red currant with a core of neon amber, the common denominator of all Calvin Klein scents. The men’s version of CK in2u is more beachy, with a salty mix of lime, cocoa and musk.

To appeal to the new millennial “technosexual’s” they’ve also launched a new website that asks what are you ‘in2’? And the ad staring actor, Kevin Zegers, and model, Freja Beha Erichsen, has already generated a spoof on YouTube.

The other designer to launch a new fragrance is Dior’s John Galliano. After launching Dior’s popular Miss Dior Cherie, he has just signed with Selective Beauty to launch a fragrance with his 23 year old brand.

And it’s going to be an epic in a bottle.

John Galliano is going to be a very high-quality product sold at price points beyond the average selective market.It will have an exclusive distribution strategy.” Corrado Brondi, Selective Beauty

The first fragrance is due to hit shelves in 2008 and is rumored that it may be a reflection of the 2003 “Essence of John Galliano” candle, which featured a woody, warm scent with a hint of Iris.